Rome: Total War Mods

Total War games are known for having excellent mods. Once Rome Total War 2 is out I’ll be testing out as many as I can and listing them here. In the mean time here’s a list of the best Rome Total War 1 mods.

All Factions Mod for RTW 1.5 This mod unlocks all factions and provides leader portraits, faction descriptions and faction maps.

Rome: Total Realism v2.2 FULL Nice full overhaul mod with map changes/balances.

Mundus Magnus 4.0 Awesome and relatively new mod. Complete overhaul. Full information for this mod available here.

Alexander Total Overhaul This mod is best if you wish to play Macedon, Persia, India, Thrace or Scythia. It also includes some smaller mods.

310 B.C A complete map overhaul changing the setting to 310 BC.

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