Strategy Guides and Walkthroughs

Strategy Guides For Rome: Total War 1

An excellent complete guide to Rome: Total War 1 covering it’s UI and Installation can be found here.

A guide to using console commands to cheat/alter gameplay elements can be found here.

Faction Guides:

Egypt: This is a guide to playing the Egyptian faction within Rome: Total War. A powerful and interesting alterantive to playing the Roman states themselves. This guide covers everything from opening moves to military tactics. Egyptian Faction Guide.

Carthage: This guide covers your opening moves playing the Carthage faction. It also provides some advice for late game moves. Carthage Faction Guide.

Germania: A well written guide covering German strategy with a tongue in cheek tone. This guide will aid you in conquering the more ‘civilized’ nations and creating a barbarian empire. Germania Faction Guide.

The Seleucid Empire: A comprehensive guide helping you to play as one of the weaker and more difficult factions. Seleucid Empire Guide.

Brittania Guide: A guide to playing the early British hordes. Brittania Guide.

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